Three easy steps to fast car finance!

Get on the road faster with a car loan designed for your budget. Our no-fuss lending delivers the finance you need in 24 hours or less – start to finish.

Step one:       Fill out our easy five minute form [Finance Application Form]
Step two:       Have a chat with one of our team
Step three:    Sign your car loan contract and access your loan.

On the road in under 24 hours. We keep it simple, fuss-free and all about what works for you.

Buy from a CFS-affiliated dealer. Here’s why:

Finance-friendly shopping. Because you're already approved with CFS, you won't have to waste your time filling out more paperwork - your dealers will be happy to help you.

Buy with confidence. Get all the benefit of buying from a reputable RMVT.

Get on the road faster. With your finance sorted there’s no waiting around to pick up the keys. Our secure online signing means you drive away on the same day.

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We excel at the extraordinary

It’s staggering how many people don’t fit the checklist criteria of big finance companies. If you’ve had a credit history blip that is creating havoc for your finances today, we may be able to help. As we take a full look at the options and make time to get to know you, we’re more likely to find a solution. And if we can’t, we’ll give you some pointers on what you can do in the short term to successfully reapply. Friendly finance is what we’re all about.

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Need a little more detail? Heres why were the smart car loan choice:

Competitive interest rates. When you’re paying a car loan off over time, you absolutely need the interest rate to be as sharp as possible. That’s what we deliver. 

24-hour car finance. No one likes waiting for approval on finance; it’s a pain. We sort out your loan from start to finish 24 hours or less, so that you can get on the road faster. 

Flexibility counts. We ‘make to measure’ based on your budget and repayment needs. It’s one thing to get car finance approved, it’s another to pay it off comfortably. We help you get the balance right.

We put you first. The world would be pretty boring if we were all the same. So why do other finance companies think we all want the same type of loan? We know that what matters to you is the right car loan for your needs, so that’s what we create - together.


Payment Holidays explained

To help you understand exactly what a "repayment holiday" or "suspended payment" is and how it will affect your credit contract, the Financial Services Federation have produced this independent Repayment deferrals and “holidays” explained infosheet to help make sure you make an informed decision. 

Download the PDF here

More service than ever before!

Amazing things happen when you ask a bunch of passionate and talented people to go the extra mile for their customers!

We know that our dealers and their customers are busy people and how frustrating it can be to complete yet another finance application because their usual lender has said no.

That’s why we established our Customer Success team!  A dedicated group of guys and gals on call 6 days a week to help smooth the process and make the customer journey as enjoyable as it always should have been.

Fast as a rocket

Bank statements in under 30 seconds

Documents delivered and signed anywhere in the country in under 5 minutes

AML verified and completed almost instantly

Thanks to Credit Sense, Secured Signing and Centrix, your customers don’t have to wait a lifetime for an answer.

Give us a little and we give you a lot

Answer as little as seven questions and let our Customer Success team take it from there.

Within no time at all, we can be on the phone with your customer filling in the blanks, getting their bank statements (thanks to Credit Sense) and coming back to you with a quick-smart decision.

People power our decisions

And people are at the heart of every decision we make!

Every customer and every application is unique. That’s why we take the time to really get to know and understand our borrowers, so our team of lenders can find and tailor the right package just for them.

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