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As part of the CCCFA (Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Amendments Regulations), all responsible lenders are required to publish certain information to help people make a more informed decision when deciding to use finance.

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Important information for your finance decision with Community Financial Services [CFS]
  1. When you arrange a loan with Community Financial Services [CFS] it will fall within an interest rate range of 11.55% and 23.55%.
  2. The rate charged will depend on your financial circumstances taking into account;
    1. How much you would like to borrow
    2. The term of your loan
    3. Your income
    4. Your other financial commitments
    5. Your credit history.
  3. To understand the rate that will apply to you please call our 0800 88 2000
  4. The following is a description of the Standard Fees that may be charged in relation to a Finance Agreement.
Establishment Fee

As part of setting up the loan an establishment fee of $350 is charged and included in the initial unpaid balance.

Administration Fee

Included in your regular weekly payment and the balance payable is a $5 monthly administration fee. This amount is not included in the initial unpaid balance, but is included in the regular payment listed on the front of the agreement.

Full Prepayment

There is a $125 Settlement Fee for all full prepayments.

If you pay your unpaid balance in full before the final payment is due (Full Prepayment) you may be required to pay a Fee or Charge to compensate us for any loss resulting from the Full Prepayment. We may have suffered a Loss if your current interest rate is lower than the interest rate applying to this Credit Agreement or if we cannot immediately re-lend this prepayment.

An amount to compensate us for the loss we incur on the full prepayment is calculated according to the following formula.

[a x (b - c)]   x   __d__
         100            365

a = The principal sum outstanding at the prepayment date
b = annual interest rate under your agreement
c = Westpac 90 bank bill rate current at the date of prepayment 
d = The lessor of: the number of days between the prepayment date and the date of the final payment under the agreement; or 90 days

This calculation meets the requirements of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act2003.However, it is not a statutory procedure prescribed in the Credit Contracts andConsumerFinance Regulations2004.

Repayment Default Fees

Important note: We understand that sometimes in life things can happen that will result in your missing a regular loan payment. To help you avoid being charged default fees, we recommend that you contact the team on 0800 88 2000 as soon as a repayment issue arises.

Default Fee and Default Charges:

These only apply if you miss any of your regular payments.

Should you fail to make a payment on time (and while your default continues) you must pay default interest and the default fees specified below. Default interest is charged on any amount overdue from the time you fail to make a payment when due until the overdue amount is paid. Default interest charges are calculated by multiplying the amount in arrears at the end of the day by a Daily Default Interest Rate. The Daily Default Interest Rate is calculated by dividing the Annual Default Interest Rate by 365. Interest is charged to your account at the end of each month. The Annual Default Interest Rate is the rate shown on your agreement plus 5.00% per annum.

Payment Reminder Fee

A Payment Reminder Fee of $5 is charged every time we write to you to remind you of a missed payment.

Late Payment Fee

A Late Payment Fee of $25 is charged each time a payment is not received by the regular due date.

Prepossession and Repossession Fees

A Prepossession Fee of $25 is charged once you have missed multiple payments and we write to you to notify you of our intention to repossess your vehicle. A Repossession Fee of $100 is charged as a result of your vehicle being repossessed.

Continuing disclosure

We may be required to provide you with regular statements with information about your loan account. Statements will be provided every six months, at our option, by post, email, through our website or through any application.


Your right to relief on the grounds of unforeseen hardship
We are committed to supporting your financial wellbeing. If you are unable to keep up with your financial requirements with CFS, we recommend that you contact our team on 0800 88 2000, email us on customercare@cfsfinance.co.nz or by using our contact page to get in touch as soon as issues arise. A member of the team will be in touch to hear more about your situation and see how we can help.

Disabling device (GPS)

If you need to access your disabled vehicle in the event of an emergency, you may obtain limited use by calling us on 0800 88 2000

We will not ever fit a disabling device to a vehicle without our customers’ consent or knowledge. This could either be at the time of your approval or as part of a variation to the agreement. Any reference to a disabling device in our terms and conditions only apply to customers who had them fitted.

Motor Vehicle Register access to Information

As a part of the loan application process and ongoing maintenance of your loan facility, CFS Finance may search the NZTA MotoChek Website.

When searching MotoChek we will be looking for confirmation of your name and address along with vehicle identification and security details, associated with your application and or loan.

This information will be used to verify your name and address, along with verifying vehicle ownership, security, registration, VIN, warrant of fitness and licence plate details when there is need to do so in conjunction with your loan or application

The relevant gazette notice under which CFS Finance is authorised to access this information can be found at: https://gazette.govt.nz/notice/id/2017-au5430

You are entitled to notify the registrar that you do not wish to have your name(s) or address(es) details made available under an authorisation, however doing so may impact our ability to assess your loan application or verify security of your vehicle

Disputes Resolution

It is free to make a complaint to our independant dispute resolution scheme. This scheme can help you to resolve any disagreements you have with us.

Name: Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman

Phone: 0800 888 202

Website: www.ifso.nz

Email: info@ifso.nz 

Business Address: PO BOX 10-845, Wellington 6143

CFS is registered financial services provider and more information on this can be found here 

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