Take off in T-Minus 10...9...8...

Lots of finance companies have a 'dealer portal' and they all do the same boring stuff. They are all designed only for desktop, they all look ugly and not many of them are fun and easy to use!

When we designed Launchpad, we deliberately set out to make it different, to make it fun!

Get Launchpad on any device at any time!

Launchpad was designed to be mobile first and not just being responsive. We recognised that for the majority of New Zealand dealers, life behind an F&I desk wasn't always a reality; we saw that they needed flexibility and connectivity anywhere and everywhere!


With Launchpad you can check a loan's status while you're on the yard, you can start an application on the test drive and you can even start an application on a tablet at a customer house and give them your device to complete the questions.

Keep an eye on your applications progress with our live status ribbon

From Launch to payout, you can see exactly where your application is instant!

Launchpad Dashboard


Bank statements powered by Credit Sense

To make collecting a customer's bank statements faster and easier we built credit directly into the application form! Credit Sense is the safest and most secure way a customer can send us their bank statements. No passwords are stored and sensitive information doesn't need to be sent via email. 


Want to become a CFS affiliated dealer and get the power of Launchpad behind your business?

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