Insurance is extremely worthwhile, especially when buying a car on finance. Why? For a few dollars a week, you can protect yourself from:

Accidents and theft. Just a couple of unpleasant facts of life that need to be covered just in case. And when you have finance to repay, you want to make sure you are well insured against any road mishap or the loss of your vehicle.

Breakdown and mechanical failure. Even the best cars can have unplanned for mechanical problems. Without cover, unexpected breakdowns and mechanical issues can quickly turn a good purchase into a drain on the bank balance. 

Repayment default due to loss of income. Repayments are manageable when you have income coming in, but can quickly become unmanageable should you lose your job or your income be reduced. Protect yourself from failing to make payments by choosing Payment Protection Insurance.

No or low deposit finance gaps. For no or low deposit borrowers, it’s important to make sure that you won’t be left holding a bill - the difference between the insurance pay-out on your car (usually market value) and the remaining finance you have to pay - should your car be written off or stolen.

Our CFS Protection Package and options cover you – giving you peace of mind that your car and your finance are protected from life’s unexpected challenges. You can choose the whole package and get some great discounts, or pick and choose the specific insurance options that best suit your needs from the following:

▪             Vero 2 Year Car Insurance Policy

Vero 2 Year Car Insurance Policy

▪             The Essential 3 Year Warranty

the essential 3 warranty

▪             Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

Payment Protection Insurance

▪             Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance

GAP Insurance cover