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Applying online - What you need to know

Posted on 08 July 2015

Thinking of applying online for a car loan? Here’s a few helpful things you need to know.

Applications can be made online by clicking here to fill out our online car finance application form or by calling 0800 88 2000

If you decide to fill out our online car finance application form you will be given the option of filling out a 2nd page to supply us some helpful information. 

Once we have received your application, one of our helpful team will give you a call.

  • We need to confirm the details of your application
  • Talk to you about the car you want to buy 
  • And ask for any other information we may need to give you an approval

The most common extra information we will ask you for is a bank statement, this helps us to confirm your income and out goings and that the car loan payments are affordable for you.

At this point in time we can talk about the car you want to buy. If you have already found it we will help you complete the sale and arrange payment to the seller. 

If your still looking around, we can talk about how much you will be pre-approved for!

*Did you know, it doesn’t matter if you buy from a dealer or privately from trademe we can help finance the car!

Once you have been approved for your car loan and found the car you want to buy the next step is to sign the loan documents - and if you’re in Auckland you can do this easily at our offices in Ellerslie.

When you sign your car loan agreement we will also need to get the following from you.

  • A copy of your driver’s licence
  • Proof of your home address - This can be a copy of a bill or statement
  • Confirmation that the car is insured and that CFS Finance is listed as an interested party on your insurance


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